im not positive if this is the right place ti ask this but it doesn't necessarily seem wrong so.......im asking here.

i know theres a video on this site on this topic but im still confused after watching it, when doing whammy bar harmonics, do you pick the note and then alter it with the bar so its basically a normal harmonic with a change of pitch or do you not pick and just hit the string and the use the whammy bar. i cannot tell if hes picking and whipping or just whipping. i cant seem to get any results just whipping but it would seem logical if that was the correct way. i guess my main question is, do you pick whammy bar harmonics or just whip the strings with your left and and bar with the right?

EDIT: also, im pretty sure joe satriani does a lot of harmonics on the open g string. i think these are artificial harmonics and then he messes with the with the whammy bar. im pretty terrible and artificial harmonics but in this case is it just a matter of finding the right spot to get the sound?
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whip the string when the whammy bar is down, its easier to achieve a clean harmonic that way. just make sure you mute the other strings, and you have your finger pointed like it is in the video, you will get the hang of it, its tough to learn. you CAN do a flick and whip, whih is how most people start out with them, basically you throw the bar down, do a little flick of the string with the middle finger, then do a harmonic (much easier) then raise the bar up. it just adds an un-perfect noise to your harmonic, but if you are good untrained ears wont notice.
im taking it the correct way is to forgo picking and whip the strings at an angle with your left hand and i just need to work on my technique. probably a really dumb question but since i cant work it out on my own yet im going to ask it. do you/should you always start these harmonics with a depressed whammy bar and then do you thing or can you whip and divebomb or some other different stuff too.
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how can your girlfriend be in your band if she's in the kitchen?
Originally Posted by: The4thHorsemen... what is whipping? I've never heard this term before...

watch the video lesson on this site and he does a whole lot of whipping
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how can your girlfriend be in your band if she's in the kitchen?
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I'm going to draw you guys a diagram. I didn't get it at first either ^_^. Just stick with me for a minute.
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1. Whammy bar is in normal position. Bad motherfinger is poised, ready to whip on any of the locations mentioned in Kristofer Dahl's video.

2. Lower the whammy bar and strike the string with the bad motherfinger. If you leave said finger here, you should just get the sound of a tapped note.

3. Quickly raise your BMF off the fretboard, but let it stay touching on the string, with the same amount of pressure you'd use to create a natural harmonic. Let it linger briefly before removing the finger. You should be hearing the harmonic ringing. Now you can raise the bar up and down, creating those awesome squeals and howls.

Keep the mechanics of a whammy bar in mind. If you wildly raise and lower the strings roughly, you'll get vibration on undesired strings. Also in Kris' video he usually suggests hitting against the actual fret. I only drew at this way to make the effect easier to illustrate.

Hope this helps/is what you were looking for
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whammy bar harmonics is still tricky for me so i just use a pinch harmonic without whammy bars. its sounds almost as good as a whammy bar harm.