Every Oasis song and every pre-1975 rock song.
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The Cooperation
thats hilarious. a **** load of songs use those chords
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dani california+last dance with mary jane sound the same, there is 1 chord variation, d goes to a dminor
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He actually plays 2 similar chord progressions

But still, a lot of songs use the same chords.

I know Alice Cooper's "Poison", U2's "Beautiful Day", Sum 41's "Hell Song", almsot every Blink 182 song and the Beatles "Let it be" can be played with the same chords (but you might have to transpose. The intervals are the same, though)
I know atleast 3 songs that use the chord progression Am C G F....

Fall to Pieces by Avril, Stare At the Sun - Thrice, can't think for more for now.. but i'm sure there are more!
OMG Every single pop-punk band has used I V vi IV (1,5,6,4) chord progression in that order at about 120bpm. I hate that ****ing chord progression.

On the other hand.

Laid to Rest - Lamb of God = Into The Pit - Testament

Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold = Over The Wall - Testament.

There are a few others but I cannot remember them.
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