I played a five string a bit today, I think the first time I've ever tried one. I defintely like it. I think my next one will be a five. I tried out a Godin Freeway 5. Looked great, just a natural wood finish, and it sounded awesome. I tried a Fender which was heavier and had a thicker neck, the Godin was faster. I didn't a have enough time to really decide yet. Does any one on the forum own one of these? If so, what do you think of it?
don't know much about Godin, but if you're looking for a natural finish five string make sure to check out the Schecter Stilleto custom 5, it's a great bass

hope someone can help you about the Godin though
I've only played one, and it sounded and felt alright, but nothing exceptional. I thought it was damn ugly though.

I don't own it, so I can't talk about the quality in the long run.
I've played a fretless hollow-body Godin and it was nice, played well and sounded good plugged in, seemed like good quality.
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well im not too familular with their basses, but they do make some damn good guitars

and heaviness in a bass usually contributes to the tone due to the fact that it probably means it has a denser wood..
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The one I tried was the active version with two soap bar pick ups, screwed directly into the body. The body is solid mahogany. It has a bolt on neck, and it's string through. I noticed how clean and awesome the open B string sounded. Apparently that's why. The neck is not as thick as the others I tried. It has a flatter back, and feels a lot faster for my not really big hands. New price is $850 Canadian. That's about $775 US. So, a fair bit less than a made in America Fender. Slightly less than a Korean one. The only thing I didn't like was the pots were poorly fitted. they were just tensioned on with set screws though, and likely just need to be adjusted after people fooling with them. I was favourably impressed. I'll have to check prices around though before deciding. Thanks for the replies.
I own a Godin A4 fretless bass and it's great. It has a great feel, and a great sound, both plugged in and acoustic because its semi-hollow body. The only thing i don't like about it is the look, it just looks kinda dumb to me, it looks like a fat les paul special without a finish. But close your eyes and it is REALLY good. there aren't too many good fretless basses, but this is definitely one of them. you can get a bunch of different tones out of it too, i play Jaco Pastorius stuff at home jamming with my self, and i play in a jazz group and i can get a beefier tone more like an upright bass. i do play upright as well, but i prefer electric, becuase i started on it. anyway, if you want a great fretless bass that has a variety of GREAT tones, then get it.
I've played a fretless 'acoustic' Godin unplugged and, while it was very very loud, it sounded like it was a cardboard box. This comes from the whole lack of wood sides and back and depth, but it's volume was impressive.
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