got a questionnn
my pickguard on my strat pops up a little on the side
ive tryed a bunch of things to put it bak in shape but it wont
i tryed removed it n bending it a little bak
ive tryed just pushing it down hard
i dunno wat the reason is
any suggestions on how to fix it n y it happened?
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Are all the screws in?

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Same thing happens to me.
I just don't care. I could care less about it. Probably some warpage of the pickguard happened?
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Is there a wire blocking it from going in all the way on that side? Only thing I can think of because it happens to me a lot. Either that or some wires get underneath the selector switch and raises it a bit.
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Could be some thing up under the switch could just be an ill fitting pickguard. And its plastic it takes a set after a while. So bending it back probably wont work. You can always use it as a place to stash a pick for when you need it.