how hard is it for someone who plays the basic stringed instruments (standard tuning) to pick up the banjo?
are they tuned differently?
and whats up with that fifth string that only goes halfway?
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The fith string is usually just played open, its just to add color to the chords.

the other four are (from lowest to highest) GDBD soooooooo its basicallly to top four strings of a guitar with the high E tuned down two steps.

Its extremely easy to pick up and play, i jus tbought one two days agom and have played guitar for 2 years, its easy to go between the intruments... just go on chordfind and learn some chord positions and away you go.
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I picked up banjo really easily. If you can play a guitar in Open G tuning, you can play a banjo.

like the guy before me said, Most of the time, you tune a banjo to open G. Low to high: GDBD and the 5th string is tuned to G also.
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If you're a good fingerpicker already, you should be great at banjo too. Of course, they are different instruments, but the principles of them are the same.

And the banjo with the 5th string is a 'G' Banjo, 5 string banjo or bluegrass (all are correct really). There are other types too, such as tenor banjo (only four strings)
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