So...im closing in on the routing of the neck for the truss rod part, and i need to find a good reference to help with my confidence. I have a lot of questions that i need answered. Some of which maybe you could answer.

Do i need to route the channel at an angle?

Which truss rod do most people use?

Whats the jig going to look like, i mean, just to get an idea?

EH!?!?! I might just be paranoid and thinking to hard. Do i just route the slot down the middle of the neck and be done with it? And if you provide a site, it would help with lots of pictures, or a great description.
Ive looked into the double truss rod, HARD, and the way that it says to route the channel is to leave only about a 1/16" from the bottom of the channel to the neck. The neck on a tele is approx 1/2". Thats crazy, i mean, only 1/16"? Plus the neck is convexed, so i might run into the channel while sanding.
1/2 inch is pretty thin for a tele neck. I have carved a tele neck with a hot rod and it is fine.
If you are worried about the depth of route you could use the LMI or allied lutherie rods which fit in a shallower channel.