ive been playing guitar for 3 months and im practicing a lot. But one thing i cant seem to get is fast picking. Any kind of help would be nice.

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i just practiced a ****load. Eventually i got it. Speed is all about starting slow and building up. So yea. Just mess around with it.
Do you alternate pick? If you don't, or don't know what that is, check out the lessons UG has on it.
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i play bass, but i dabble in guitar. and if anything, just practice. play slow, learn some songs that arent as fast, then start to learn faster songs, but dont move too fast, take it somewhat slow.

in other words, there is no quick fix to this. its just practice
OK, as an expert at asking that question to myself i finaly figured it out 2 years ago. It is basicly what the 2 folks before me said, but let me elaborate. To play something fast it has to be memorized in your muscles. So start out super slow and just play it slow for ever. then as you feel it becoming less of a thought process and more of a natural feel you'll be able to play it faster, and playing one lick faster is the key to playing everything faster. Over time practicing licks and solos, it will take less time to put something into your muscle memory and you will be able to play it faster from the start.
Make any sense, i sure hope so.
Yeah, how do you pick? Your technique could seriously hinder you depending on how you do it.
Well 3months isn't much... Keep practicing (and use alternate picking, indeed) and it'll come with time!
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