I just purchased a metal muff with top boost. It's a great pedal for heavy metal. Soon I'm going to purchase a Fender Hotrod Deluxe 40 Watt Tube Amp. Which has wonderful cleans and good overdrive/crunch for classic rock and blues.

Now here's the question:

I play classic rock, blues, jazz and metal. The amp covers everything except for metal. So should I keep the Metal Muff or should I get an overdrive to use on top of the amp overdrive to play metal?

By the way, I play thrash metal like Megadeth and also things like Cacophony.
When you get the amp, try it out yourself and find out? Not that hard really.

And overdrive pedal won't give you uber-gain distortion. Better off with something like the metal muff IMO.

Even then I dunno if the HRD and MM will give you the metal tone you're after.
The Hot Rod has pretty "meh" overdrive to be honest, it's primarily a clean amp. It's also very bright and i don't think you'd get great metal tones from it even with a Muff. You'd be better off with a more British-sounding amp like a Marshall, Laney or Orange and team it up with an overdrive.
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