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I like a close exciting game
22 63%
I like seeing my team annihilate the opposition
13 37%
Voters: 35.
When you are watching your team play sport, you obviously want to see them win. My question is, do you prefer seeing a close, exciting game where they win but only just, or do you find it more entertaining to see your team play a really poor team and absoltely pwn them, (for example in the 2003 rugby world cup when Australia beat Namibia 142-0).

I personally like seeing Australia dominate other countries in all kinds of sport. I get to see this quite often, especially when we are playing England in the cricket

Close games are good too.

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I like to see the other team get completely owned.

Off topic. How the hell do you create a poll? I'm trying to for my thread, but I have no idea how to. I've looked for the box, mentioned in the ffaq, but it's not there.
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close because shutouts are just boring
I love a close exciting game when id don't really care. If its my favorite team, I love to see them dominate
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i dont care much, sport is boring as hell to watch

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The only sport I follow is hockey, and to that end, in the regular season, I like seeing my team win one-sided contests, I suppose, but in the playoffs, I like seeing the close double-OT finishes.
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i dont care much, sport is boring as hell to watch


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I like my team to annihilate the opposition but if I'm watching a game where I support neither team I prefer a close and exciting game.
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Smiddys right...
i like to see my team own the other team but not a poor team like mentioned above.
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I love a close game so long as i win.
I love it when it goes into extra time and you have penalty shoot outs.
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Depends on the sport I think. In baseball, I'd rather see a dramatic 9th inning comeback.

But if it's football (American - NFL), I would much rather see my team annihilate the other team by like 40 points.
Close games are generally more fun and I guess I would prefer them, but you always go in there hoping for the blowout.