Hey, Could anyone supply me with Fret Dimensions (I don't know what the exact term for it is :P) for a 24 fret neck?
Also anyone have a website for NeckThru design neck building instructions?

Allparts has a scale calculator as well.
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any scale length is good for 24 frets, the frets will just be spaced differently. But most 24 fret necks ive seen are 25.5"
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Yup most are 25.5" but if you want a baritone you go 27", if you want a step deeper on the guitar, 26.5", *close to bairtone*, and i've seen some 24.5"

Shecter 7 strings are 26.5", and ESP's Baritone's are 27"s if you wana look at what i mean. You also have diffrent sizes's of frets though i don't rember what they are... Though i do know Shec uses Jumbo size.
<info added> did alil research and dug into that link up there and found this

22.50" / 571.50 mm Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar
23.50" / 571.50 mm Gibson Byrdland
24.00" / 609.60 mm Fender Duo-Sonic/Mustang
24-9/16" / 623.88 mm Gibson-style guitar (See note below)
24.75" / 628.65 mm Rickenbacker, Guild-style guitar
25.00" / 635.00 mm PRS, National-style guitar
25.34" / 643.64 mm Martin standard steel string guitar
25.40" / 645.16 mm Martin Dreadnought or OM steel string guitar
25.50" / 647.70 mm Fender-style-guitar, Gibson acoustic guitar
25.59" / 650.00 mm Typical classical guitar
25-5/8" / 650.88 mm Guild acoustic guitar
27.67" / 702.82 mm Baritone guitar
30.00" / 762.00 mm Short scale bass guitar
32.50" / 825.50 mm Medium scale (Rickenbacker-style) bass guitar
34.00" / 863.60 mm Long scale (Fender-style) bass guitar

if that helps lol
So I guess 27.67 for a 24 fret neck, I'll be using XJumbo fret wire, I just find it easier with them :p
if your going for a baritone
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as walker rose said, you may want to play a baritone before you make one, that is unless you already have. lol some people don't like them, and they definitivly do have a diffrent sound.
Baritone just means 24 frets or 2 octaves doesn't it?

I have a Ibanez RG with 24 frets, and wanted something similar.
An explanation of Baritone would be nice, I just want 24 frets.
Baritone means detuned to somewhere around B or A. Go for the 25.5".
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baritone, isn't relaly a detune, it's more of an expansion of scale, which would make the notes a lower tone, Kinda like a detune but the strings are in tune.