its dubbed.
EDIT: know that ive watched more of it there may just be a delay, but if its not dubbed then im still positive that there was no seriousness in this effort.
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Dodging? Pansy. We don't dodge where i come from.

As for the pain factor, just get used to the pain. Punch various objects such as walls, trees, floors, your mother, rocks, table etc. Just generally anything hard.
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Can I have this moment to say Aces High is PWNAGE.

lead - Nah dah dah dah duh duh dah, naww naww NAW NAW NAW NAAW NAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

It's about WWII dog fights as well. Spitfires ftw!

Vocals = Angry German? :/
yes Aces High kicks ass...His crappy accent doesn't sound german to me...I should know
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
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you can clearly see its dubbed... oh yeah, that was so funny...

well i dont actually think it is, its just the video and audio arnt in sync.
but i dont think he was serious about it... at least i hope not
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