I was just wondering in what order the Redwall books are meant to be read, the chronological order or by the publication order. I have most of them but Im missing Lord Brocktree.

Nobody needs to bother critizing the books, if you dont like the books, thats good for you but I dont need to know.

I think you're supposed to start with 'Redwall', as that was the first one published, and then it doesn't matter all that much which order you read them in after that.

I thought they were pretty good at first, but after a while they just ended up getting a bit too samey; there's only so much you can do with the concept, really.

Although 'Redwall' and 'The Taggerung' are very good.
H aha! I read loads of these years ago. I remember them being kind of violent, which was good! I think you can red them in any order really. The cartoon of it is gash.
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Is 18 too old to enjoy these books?

I'd say yes. I quite enjoyed them at 10-12 but afterwards they got kinda generic and then I grew out of them. Hehe still got them sitting on my bookshelf though =p Cool books at the time - good killing/violence!