Ive played this guitar a few times at guitar center. Im talking about the one with the black pickguard covers and knobs and so called "nitro" finish. Does anyone know where i can get a set of the stock pickups in this guitar? i love their sound but i dont wanna buy the guitar its self. thanks

if i had this guitar i would install a humbucker in the bridge.....
I would say it is more the guitar that makes the sweet sound... But im sure if you did a quick google for highway 1 pickups youd find soon enough.
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if i had this guitar i would install a humbucker in the bridge.....


you can get one with a humbucker in the bridge.
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the hss is the one im talking about. though im more interested in the single coils then the HB. I just checked ebay and they dont have anything
Hmm. They just use Alnico III single coils. Very interesting sound actually - more mellow and better with gain, but still a nice clean, albeit less sparkly... I guess you could ask a Fender dealer.
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I think those pickups are designed for that guitar exclusively, but perhaps you can try getting the same value tone pots and configuring it the "Grease bucket" circuit I think it is called.
the tone pots were turned all the way up...if anything removing them might add more tone but still...i emailed fender just now...i wonder if they will answer back...anyone have a set or know anyone with a set laying around since this is the kind of guitar i figure most people will want to upgrade
^ i know and im fine humbuckerwise....i have an invader on my strat. I just need the single coils for more bluesy stuff
I see them on ebay every so often so keep your eyes open on there
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Don't forget they may have sounded slightly better due to the thin nitro finish allowing the tone to resonate easier through the finish.

I've seen some on ebay, but I think if your going to go for aftermarket pickups, I wouldn't go for stock mid-range Fender ones.
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