Ok so im in year 10 and I've got a science assignment, I've done it all accept for one question, and I really can't think of an answer, and my gf is coming over in like half an hour and it's due tomorrow so any ideas are welcome!

Ok here the question.
Design a device which could be used to measure the speed of an object.
And it can't be a car speedometer or anything like that.

Please help any idea welcome!

Thanks in advance.
a wheel with circumfrence 1 meter. invent some way to measure how often it rotates once ie travels one meter. divide by how long it is moving for, and bang, speed in meters per second. or some crap like that
Device name: The Metronome!

Use: Sets a speed which is useful for all musicians, set your speed, then work out how you are sub-dividing the beat. Say you are playing at 120 beats per minute, and you are playing 8th notes, which is two notes per click.

So, 2 X 120 = 240.
240 divided by 60

Gives you 4 notes per second.

This genius device tells you how fast you are playing.
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