Ok, ive thought about starting a guitar building project, and have read a much as i can to answer all the questions i need before i start. So far i have figured out most things, but there are a few questions i have before i start. So far i have decided to use a strat body, i found plans to buy. I'm going to use a warmoth neck. i have got tuners soughted. im going to use fender pickups. and i have all of the other small parts soughted. the questions i have are

1. How hard would it be to put a floating bridge in, and what are some good floating bridges on the market.

2. How do i wire the pickups, is it as simple is wiring the input jack, volumes and tone knobs and pickups together?

3. What size nut should i use?

4. (this is a stupid question) Do i just screw the neck onto the body of the guitar.

Any help would be appreciated
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I know nothing of that part, but I wish you the best and total respect for starting such a project, wish I had time to do something like that


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For a floating bridge a fender 2 point trem would be good as would a fender style 6 point trem as they can be set to float easily and work very well and stay in tune near perfect if you set them up well.
As for wiring the pickups its as easy as soldering them togerther just use a wiring diagram like this http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WDUSSS5L1201 and make sure you shield the cavities inside totally and it shouldn't pick up hum.
The nut size is your preference so use a sixe u like the feel of.
All Fender does just screw the neck onto its bodies no glue or anything this makes it easy to remove and apply shims in the neck pocket when setting it up.

hope that helps.
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