Basically, I'm currently learning A7X's Unholy Conffesions, and I'm struggling a little bit. I'm up to the chorus; And the intro, probably the trickiest bit is outta the way.

But just looking for any tips that can help me out with it? It's my first time learning a song of this type, well, it's an intermediate song isn't it? Anywho, any tips would be awesome.

Also, any suggestions for songs similar that I could take a stab at - would be awesome.

Cheers one and all!.
so which part do you need help on? you worded it weird. =\
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if i were you i would pick songs where the bass is easier to be heard. I loveeee avenged sevenfold but the bass doesnt have many tricky parts. Its just very hard to hear. What kinda stuff are you into?
just slow it down, and speed it up each time you play it, best way and then keep going till you can play the speed of the song
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Speaking of unholy confessions, you should listen to it on my profile. (shameless plug)

Anyway, the chorus isn't hard to do at all, just persevere. If you can do the intro then you can manage the rest.
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A7X has a bassist? ...

Actually, I thought this thread was about unholyily things you've done to your bass
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