Hi, I have a 70's era ampeg v-4. Only problem is it was passed down from a family member and looks like its been threw hell. All the tubes work perfectly, sounds amazing. I'd just like to restore it for possibly a third generation bass player someday. First problem, the leather on the sides and top are all chopped to hell, i was thinking about stripping it somehow down to the wood and just buying new leather for it. Any ideas how to do this? Looks like the leather is glued on. Second the metal faceplate is really scratched up. Maybe some of that car scratch remover crap? Also, the little ampeg sign is missing, Ebay? Thanks alot for any feedback
Its that standard leather looking stuff, that was just my best way to describe it. Your right though i just looked it up. Any idea though how to strip the old tolex off?
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ahh just make 1 thread!!!! take out the amp from the cab, look where the staples hold the tolex down, take those off, then pull the tolex off. you might need like a flat head screwdriver to pry alittle