Whenever I play the A string, a slight buzzing comes from the bridge. Also when you take a look at the string vibrate, it is irregular when comparing it to all the other strings. The low E string also has this problem but not to this degree. Is this related to the action of the guitar or is there something else wrong?
probably need your guitar setting up its worth it just go into local music shop they should do it or give u some numbers of poeple who will hope fuly thats what ya need should cost around 30 quid
Well I recently bought this guitar around 1 1/2 months ago, and according the guide regarding Ibanez serial numbers, this one was made in mid 2005. Anyway I'll be taking the guitar to the shop on Thursday night and hopefully all will go well. How long does it take for them to set it up?
Well the buzzing on the A string disappeared this morning but came back in the afternoon. I was attempting to tune it in the morning, but as I wasn't near the piano it was quite rough. Anyway I tuned it properly in the afternoon, and it slowly came back.
If it's changing throughout the day, I'd be more inclined to have a look at the climate that the guitar is in, rather than the guitar itself. Is the room temperature fluctuating greatly? Is the humidity changing also? The fact that the buzz disappeared in the morning, then came back later on in the day tells me that heat is possibly the root cause.
Also, a guitar's strings will tend to vibrate in an eliptical pattern, rather than round. There are obvious factors that affect this tho, such as the angle of string attack, gauge of string, composition of string. If the neck relief is properly set, then there should be ample room for each string to vibrate cleanly.