Have any ideas what the best ss amp for metal on a budget of about £400 is. Btw I dont want reply after reply of "go tube it rules lolz". I've had bad experiences with tube amps in the past and I would like to know a good solid state alternative. I also wouldn't mind anyone pointing me in the direction of moddeling or hybrid amps.
Roland Cube 60.
Fantastic for metal.
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yeah, my Cube 60 really excells at all types of metal, but still has a really decent clean channel, and all the versatilty of the extra models as well.

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I hear the Crate Shockwave GT3500 is a badass SS head. 350W, more than enough for anything...ever. It's based off of some old Ampeg head that had ridiculous brutal gain tones, also, the guitarist of SOAD used the Shockwave at some point in time.

Any higher end Randalls are probably worth a look. Dimebag used the Warhead and another model I can't remember his whole career. So definitely check those out.

I also hear good things about the Peavey XXL.

Check those out.
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