Atm I'm using a 10w practice amp, and whenever i hit the high e strings i get noise from the other strings. I have to make sure my right hand lays flat on the strings to keep them quiet.

Is this just reverb on the strings that will happen regardless of my amp? will I have to make sure my right hand mutes the lower strings to prevent any noise from them?
the vibrations are being picked up i nthe other strings, it happens to all guitars im pretty sure, you need to develope a muting style. i lay may hand across the upper strings when i play the high strings, and vice versa for the lower strings.
Weird...unless you're cranking volume and gain all the way up, that shouldn't happen. Even full blast, my Super Reverb onstage will play any one string with little or no noise from others. Eventually if I let it ring, it will develop harmonics and overtones, but it's actually hard to get any feedback. Other strings don't make any noise, till I step on the distortion box or compressor.

Practice amps are a different animal though, cranked up for full distortion at high volume you could be picking up string vibrations, no cure for that, and you could also be getting them from brushing against the strings when picking.

And what type guitar? Solid and hollow body have entirely different qualities when amplified, hollow body guitars will usually get a lot more harmonic overtones. Hot pickups will too.

I'm not sure what else to check...sounds to me like it's just picking up the normal vibrations made by the guitar all the time, just amplified a lot. Oh..are you too close to the amp? Sitting 6 feet away is a lot different than having the guitar a foot away and pointed directly at the speaker. But then you'd be getting loads of feedback too most likely.
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hmmm when i play clean the noise is very quiet. However, when I play with a higher gain it gets much louder.

so when most people play solos, or anything which involves the higher strings, do they just let their right hand stay above the strings and make no contact with any of the lower strings that aren't being played? I do play with my right hand above the strings sometimes but it develops a lot of noise coming from other strings. So i naturally end up muting every other string with my right hand.

My guitar is a solid body and even if i sit a few feet awy the noise is still there.
I usually rest my hand on the strings, although my amp makes little noise, it will make some and it does sound much better for me to have all the strings completely muted.

Although I see guitarists like JS also resting their hands, there are guitarists like Paul Gilbert who seem to have their hand floating all the time. ...but im not really sure if he does mute any strings with is right hand when he is playing the higher strings. he usually plays with high gain but yet theres no noise so I don't really know... any ideas?

The problem with resting the hand on the strings is that it feels awkward playing the low strings without palm muting, but I play mostly metal which usually involves a lot of palm muting so just ignore the problem ><

I'd appreciate it if someone could explain whether the right hand should be resting on the strings or should always be floating above the strings
I often use the heel of my hand to muffle the upper strings, but very rarely the lower (smaller) ones, but I don't have any trouble with strings vibrating that I don't want. My technique varies of course, according to what I want from a solo, and what sound I want. Sometimes I let my picking hand float, sometimes I want the sound of picking in the area where the neck joins the body so I have to let my hand float above the neck. The only time I have to be really careful about muffling strings is when I run through my SD9 distortion pedal, I set it pretty hot and it picks up anything that vibrates. Usually then I have everything muffled I can get...

According to another thread the "proper way" is unanchored, no pinkie resting, no hand on the bridge but I just play it the way that feels best to me and gives me the sound I want. And I can get such a cool sound by muffling the string I play just ever so slightly with my hand resting lightly on the bridge...I'm sure you've heard that one a lot, it's been used by quite a few players.

I often finger pick too, and use fingers to muffle strings that are not in use. I'm starting to finger pick a lot more these days, I practice at home without a pick about 75% of the time.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
First post here!

I got a similar question:

I got some terrible unwanted ringing from the higher strings...how is it possible to mute them if I'm doing palm muting on the lower strings? I'm almost a hundred percent sure the unwanted ringing is coming from my left hand while changing chords.

Needless to say this really sounds terrible with distortion..there's all this extra noise that sounds like crap.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?