You knew the time would come. Every time you post in this thread, list 4 verses of anything UG. And don't be like

"KileManA7X likes it up the ***
He really is stupid
He makes horrible thread
Led Zeppelin FTW!"
(PS, MCR suck!)

Remember it's a muiscal so make them all related. If not, you will be reported. Thank you!
This is DUMB
This is DUMB
Yet it is so COOL!

*jingle bells theme...oh yeah!*
All Hail! The Kala-Kala Chieftain!
I thought I told you to not spam
But if I ain't Kile then who the hell I am?
I can ryhme fron time to time
Lemons anyone?
No i hate lemon
life is boring and ****
i hate you and i wish you die
oh not really you're a cool guy
"my penis is itchy, wat do i do!"
just put some icy hot on it!
then do a barell rolllllllll!
Jackson DKMG Dinky (EMG 81/85)
Ibanez GIO (i put a Dimbucker in the bridge)
Crate GT65 (65 watts) to be upgraded soon, suggestions welcome (must be tubed)
Floor Pod (for sale)
Lord! I was crazy I just told UG
That I was spiderman! My true identity!
No one believes me but they will soon see
That lemonade your sippin is my ****ing pee!
I think he means four lines
And not a great four verses
This man should be condemned
To spend his life with Moses
Co-President of UG's Tubgirl Virgins Club

I told everyone I was Spiderman
I told them that I can
But my thread was closed
This isn't the life I posed!
Your threads are quite terrible
In fact, they're quite horrible
If I had my way lordy
I'd call you out and do *reported*
Get off my lawn.
Why....are...you....reporting this wonder?
I...see...nothing wrong with this kind of nature
I ignite this thread o mine
To leave what was left...behind!
So lets leave what was left behind
lets leave and never come back
to the land were the sun never shine
and the deadly crows beaten to the core of hells machine
(squealing pinch harmonic)
Oh! Can it be?
They're coming for me!
I tried to hide but they can see?
Steps away from misey!

Who would've thought it,
This thread hasn't been reported,
It tells a tale that has yet to fail,
The rhyming plague, I've caught it!
(can can part)

********* is really fun
Just be sure you wear a glove
Be gentle when you put it through
Or your **** is covered in poo!