i cant decide wether to get an epiphone casino, riviera or sheraton. i know i should go to a shop and try them but the shops nearish me dont seem to stock them. i think im leaning towards the sheraton but id like an 80's japanese built one. i dont play blues or jazz i play indie and love my sound to be raw. the guitar i eventually choose to get will be played through a laney vc30 212 any suggestions on what to get?
im not a big fan of oasis and im not too keen on the paint schemes the supernova comes in.
get the epiphone dot, the es335 one
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Sheratons are nice sounding and looking but I don't like the neck. Casinos are a bit trebly - I like it but I'd rather have a bit of a fatter sound from a big semi hollowbody. They'd be agood for indie though. Riviera are very all round nice guitars. Just allround nice sounding and feeling. I'd rather have the Riviera of those three...
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get the epiphone dot, the es335 one


You can't compare a "gibson copy" to the origianl Epis.

I'd go with the casino. You can't beat Sgt. Pepper's band
yer i heard the dot was crap i am considering the casino as i like the p90s but i think i would need something that sounds more like a es335
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what kind of neck has the sheraton got?

An uber fat-ass one.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.