First song I've wrote in a while, first of the death metal/grindish persuasion, usually more viking/power metal but they were all lost when my external harddrive cocked up, took me a while to re-find the motivation but here goes!
First song I've upped onto here for crits but please, be brutal, any input is welcome

And I know the drums are probably a bit impossible in places, I'm not a drummer so I go more for what sounds good than that is definitely possible (of course, if it doesn't sound good, tell me )

So yeah
Thanks in advance
Necrophilia; You Kill 'Em, I Thrill 'Em.zip
Pure class mate

Mint lyrics for the chorus and catchy riffage!

2 thumbs up!
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Thats some pretty heavy stuff. After a while though it got really boring. You had some variety, but maybe some different notes. The solo was terrible. Sorry. But there was no real key and it just sounded all over the place. This music isnt my style but even if it was i wouldnt like it. Maybe a little more melody and this song would sound nice.
I know i'm sounding brutal but you said i could.
Crit Mine?
Yeah, the vocals SHOULD remove the repetitive sound to it, that's my hope anyway
And fair enough, I'll see what I can do about it now

Yeah I'll crit one now
Sounds good...
Maybe have bits without the double kick.
What type of Vocals are they going to be?
Grunts? High Screams? Clean?

I reckon it sounds like a NZ band called 8 Foot Sativa sort of
I don't see the Sativa in it..but it wouldn't be a bad thing if there was that influence so thanks

And I can't help it, I've been adapting it a bit recently anyway so I'll update this thread soon with the newer version

And they're going to be grunts
But in the chorus the one line was going to be more Black Dahlia Murder-esque screams, I can't remember which since I've left this a few weeks so not to get bored of it (as I often do)
badass lyrics like cannibal corpse except funnier, anyways the riffing was solid, although it does get repetitive listening to it in this, but yeah vocals usually sorts that out. then the solo was great, i hated the lead break tho, sorry to say, but it just sounded out of place and not very pleasing to the ear, if you chopped that out it would be great.

Solid song overall.

mind checking out mine?

any of the DM ones in my sig, preferably the bottom 2
I've been meaning to work on the lyrics throughout the song, I'll do those this weekend if I end up at home

And thanks
I'll look at that, see if I can do anything with it, I'd rather not remove it if I could help it, I liked it when I first wrote it XD was the only part i DID like...

And I'll check the TechDeath now, I love techdeath