On pink floyds songs 'Shine on you crazy diamond' and 'hey you', what is the effect used for the clean guitar?

I always thought it was strong chorus, but i have recently tried it with a slow, slight flanger and both sound good. Anyone know which effect gilmour actually used for these parts?
I think it's a slow, small delay and a fender strat^^ with some chorus perhaps
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phaser or even wah? i havent heard the songs but if its flanger-ish and not chorus these are what i'd suggest
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He uses a delay, chorus, whammy, octave, and wah pedal.

i've seen the video, watching him play it is intense.
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yeah, i know he uses different pedals, im only talking bout the clean guitar parts for the intros to these songs. I have made a couple of recordings of each effect (chorus and flanger). The both sound pretty similar but im not sure which effect was actually used. What do u guys think?

I've been trying to find the tone for a few months now and I don't believe there is a cheap way to do it. You can get close, but alot of factors apply. My guitar has 2 humbuckers and an acoustic pickup in the bridge. I use only the neck humbucker and the bridge pickup and it's not bad. I borrowed a friends MIM strat and it was even better, but this guy has so many layers to his tone I may as well have wal-mart equipment. Found a few websites that say MXR phase 90 ( gonna get one at the end of the month) but using my Vox DA 20 I get closer using the chorus/compressor setting with the gain turned up to about 75%. The rest of the adjustments are at my guitar. I'm gonna put my multi-effects into the mix today, but the vox doesn't like it very much so i'm not sure if it will add anything to it. Haven't used my peavey to much for this application because it's more of a hendrix (heavier) type sound for the most part, but it does like the effects pedal so i've been thinking about giving it a go. Gilmour is one of my favorite guitarists and trying to do his stuff has made me a much better player.


PS Nate Lapointe has a "learn to play" Dark Side of the Moon dvd. Best dvd I have. No tabs which sucks (i bought a book with backing tracks separte) but his instruction is really good. hope this helps and if you find a better way to get the tone please let us know
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