Hacked with Xtreme firmware.
1 wireless controller
20gb hdd
fully working


**is legit**

lookin for a decent price..hit me with your offers.
even interested in guitar trades
I hear ya dude, I wanna get rid my 360 too, the things constantly freezing during games. I'm still fine with my PS2 and I wanta get the original Xbox back.
lol my xbox is fine, hasnt actually frozen once
ps2 is great with chipped games aswell, i just prefer the up2date games on 360. im not looking for sumthin substantial, u see i just dont use it, ps2 is fun
if you get the new xtreme firmware then yes u can, i can even give u the guys email to book it in for an upgrade.

i have no need for xbox live so ive just not bothered
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im willing to trade a guitar for it... maybe would that be taken into consideration

Hit up my thread or PM me if you're still interested in my stuff man
Quote by DrappedInBlack
im willing to trade a guitar for it... maybe would that be taken into consideration

what guitar we talking about here?
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what does extreme firmware do?

allows you to play backups of pal games, region free games...pretty good, so now i get my games for free...rather than the extortionate £40 price tag..

oh and the un-modding, erm, no cos ive overwritten the xbox original flash files, you can upgrade to get on xbox live if you need to, i just havent needed to.

**oops double post, sorry**
bump sex =D now has new games, colin mcrae dirt, rayman raving rabbids, medal of honor airbourne, def jam icon, tiger woods 08 and fight night 3
if u throw some cash offers/guitar trades..i'll think of it ALOT...as u can see i no longer have any guitars..."check the sig" lol
how much were u looking for?
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erm was lookin for about 200-250 depending on what you have..200 n mayb sum item?

pics of the s370
wont do 200 amer cos its like 100...

and about the s370 im very interested...willing to throw in sumit else small or bit of cash??
maybe some more details, pickups, what ibanez trem is it?
well maybe how much case are you thinking.

ibanez pups im sorry id ont know which ones

and i have no clue what trem system it is i just know its a licensed floyd rose
erm if u can get more specs on it, would help, even ask people here, cos i DO NOT want an edge 2 or 3 trem...they are terrible!
do the pups say anything? INF1, PSND1, V7?

cash well erm..like mayb 30-50 depending on condition of guitar n everything =D