I know it's a kind of weird comparison, an amp to a floor MFX modelling unit.. but I'm looking for some advice.

I want to know which sounds better... I know it's hard to say because one isn't an amp, but if anyone knows which would be better assuming you were running the POD through a FRFR amp, please let me know. I guess any comparisons relating to sound quality would be useful to me as well. TIA!
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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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It depends on what style of music you play first of all, mate. I own both of these items (which is why I was so interested in your thread), so I think I can help you out a bit...Basically if you play blues or classic rock, or maybe even punk and some soft "hard rock", alternative, etc. you would want to go with the AD50VT. Its got an actual valve in its preamp so it does approximate these sounds a bit better than the PodXTL. Mind you I say a "BIT" better, as I own an actual AC30TB reissue as well which sounds absolutely nothing like the AD50VT's "AC30" setting. Anyway, my point is if you play mostly "non-metal" music you'd be better off with the Vox in this comparison. Right, but I forgot to mention that the AD50VT's EQ knobs are basically useless and this combined with an absolutely atrocious stock 10" speaker will have you going up the wall trying to find a reasonable tone out of this one.
However, while the Vox is more authentic-sounding, the FX are useless (or at best, less than mediocre). This is where the PodXTL shines: it has tons of effects which actually sound good when played either live or direct. Also, the PodXTL contains a great variety more heavy tones that one could use to play metal. In fact, the PodXTL's models of the amps featured on the AD50VT are actually far better. So basically you could use the PodXTL for all of the styles I've attributed the AD50VT to, to much better effect, plus you can use it for heavier music which the AD50VT is incapable of. My complaints about the PodXTL are: you can't get a solid distorted "heavy metal" tone out of this one without an odd "hissing" flavour to the tone. Secondly, (and honestly, this is a problem you want to have) there are SO MANY different options on the unit that you may end up screwing knobs more than actually playing if you're a tone nazi like myself.
In any case, in summation, I would recommend that you get the PodXTL if you MUST purchase either of these two.
Thanks. I do like some metal tones... not like death metal, but more of an 80s metal/metallica type tone. I don't play many blues, classic rock is the lightest I like to go. Probably Skid Row/GNR would be a sound I'd be looking for. Other than that, the only lighter music I like playing is Boston. I'm more into heavy sounds, higher gain stuff. I did try out the Vox at GC and I thought it was pretty nice. I also heard the PODXTL, didn't play it too much though. It was a while ago, my ear wasn't developed to the point it is now.. So I don't know, I'll have to go back sometime and try out the POD. Thanks for the advice, more would be appreciated.
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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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Leave it to UGer's to argue over who "owns" a language

Right on, you'd have to go try out the POD for yourself to actually hear what its capable of. I'm not even going to try to describe all of the different amp models, cabs, etc., etc... All I can say with certainty is that you *might* be able to get away with the VOX for your GNR/Skid Row tone, but if you want to go any heavier (as with the 80's/metallica aka Rectifier) you'll be extremely frustrated with the VOX.
I was talking to the other guitarist in my band yesterday about this, and he pointed out something I forgot. Obviously this has nothing really to do with a comparison to the POD, but in the one gig I actually used the VOX in last year it blew the place apart. My point: the VOX is LOUD! But the "heavy tones" are still too mellow for me, and I haven't used it for anything other than a place to set down beers/ashtrays since that gig.
I'm really trying to think of something I can say that would be beneficial to you in any way...but really I think it would sum it up to say that there's a fine line of heaviness that the VOX simply cannot cross to a certain point. While the PodXTL has the versatility to do whatever you want it to do, the VOX is extremely limited. Don't expect to get any low-end chunk out of the VOX.
I could go on and on for hours about how the music gear business consistently (and successfully) dupes musicians like you and I into thinking (and paying a lot more money for) that valve amps are the only "professional" choice. This is complete bollocks, I say leave valve amp technology in the '50s where it came from and get the PodXTL. And, if you don't believe me at my word, which you shouldn't since we've never met, do yourself a HUGE favour and test-drive the POD before you throw away cash on the VOX.

As a side note I've noticed that recently VOX has unveiled a newer AD50VT type modeling amp that professes to be heavier. Sorry I can't remember what its called, but I'm sure Musician's Friend does. It has a black face to it as opposed to the silver AD50VT. Maybe you would want to check this one out as well if you can track it down. I simply refuse to recommend the AD50VT to anyone in good faith. Hope this was helpful to you...and rock on, sir!
I also noticed the odd hissing that alot of the high gain models on the podxt. I bought an atomic 112 and hiss=gone.
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