I'm thinking of making a custom build and i wanted to ask a few questions.

how much does the average build cost?
can i get someone to do the electrics for me ?
how hard is it to build a guitar?

My build idea is a single pickup (dimebucker) in a sg/les paul/explorer shape with a fixed bridge 22 frets and i'm undecided on a colour scheme would this guitar be okay ?

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Guitar building is hard for a start. You have to be very accurate with all your measurements otherwise all you inotation will go out the window.

Prices vary but they are usually slightly more expensive than buying one of the shelf for the same hardware/quality.

People here would help you with the electronics such as designing and seeing as it is only one pickup it would be relativley easy. To actually do it? Just take it to someone who has a little knowledge with a soldering iron and that its really. You could most likely do it yourself.

BTW im from Birmingham as well and have been meaning to build a guitar for a long time. Got all the stuff here just need the measurement and i can get cutting.
I don't really know much about the build side of things, I come to this section of UG for advice on mods and to check out the build pr0n. I can tell you that you can pay a guitar tech to do just about any part of your build. Putting a guitar together, then paying someone else to wire it up shouldn't be too hard to organize.

Be patient with the replies, there's not as much traffic here as there is in Electric Guitar or the Pit.
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Have you ever heard the phrase "Measure twice and cut once"? Well that doens't apply here, you have to measure more than just twice! Its very dependant on what shape you want too, a strat shape is quite hard because of the front and back contours, something basic like a tele would be perfect for a beginner guitar to make. If you live in the US then stewmac.com will have everything you need including routing templates (which are a godsend!), if you live outside of the US you can also use stewmac.com but alot of the stuff doesn't conform to RoHS standards so cann't be exported.

How confident are you with power tools too? The electronics aren't as daunting as you'd think, if you can work a bit of wood into a nice shape with power tools then electronics won't pose much of an issue.

p.s. That stewmac site actually has plans for making a strat shape guitar if you feel like it.
Stewmac can be used for a variety of theings. (Thats where i got all my hardware. Flloyd Rose fretboard fretwire tuners etc.) Just take into consideration the Import cost as HM Customs and Excise will charge you for it.
The cost of the build will vary greatly depending on the workshop you currently have. If you have most of what you need, then it'll be far less than $500. If you don't have tools, the price will at least double.

And if you measure and plan everything out well, building, isn't all that hard.
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Stewmac can be used for a variety of theings. (Thats where i got all my hardware. Flloyd Rose fretboard fretwire tuners etc.) Just take into consideration the Import cost as HM Customs and Excise will charge you for it.

I'm don't recall getting charged for mine so it could be luck of the draw.

Where abouts do you live? if its anywhere near a timber yard ask them about getting a hardwood for the guitar, preferably the cheapest as its your first build. You'd also be best buying a neck pre-built, necks are difficult without specialist tools.

This site is good for help...



Just noticed you were in Birmingham, www.wdmusic.co.uk is pretty good for getting kit too.
Considering i only have a tool box at my disposal i dont think i will be making a custom any time soon i guees i might try pimping a guitar with like new pups knobs and scratch plate.
Start off with custom jobs on guitars, like I did with mine, changing parts etc. Then move onto assembling stuff like Saga kits and Warmoth kits. Then, when you are ready and have an idea of what to do, move onto building a guitar from scratch.
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