New song called "Delay." http://www.myspace.com/wisecraka



Also I recorded it with Audacity.

EDIT!: Just to let you know, I put the tracks in stereo and panned certain tracks to the right or left, so i strongly recommend listening to it in headphones. -thanks again.
Hi, I like pie.

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Very floyd like and i like pink floyd. I think its pretty awesome, nice trippy instrumental. Well done!!
Wow that's really good use of delay. How many guitars have you got going in the first half? It's hard to tell but it sounds so good.
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dude thats awesome, what kind of delay pedal is that. some really cool sounds. your tone is great for audacity. i didnt even notice there werent drums. would be even awesomer with some drums tho, but still pretty kick ass. i like it keep it up. crit mine,
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that's really cool, sound like it could be the intro track to a CD. could totally hear pink floyd influences. great song.
Thanks once again for the comments!

I used a Digitech RP250 and hooked it straight to the comp with a USB cable and basically just messed with all my effects. If anyone noticed, there's a really long phaser effect going through it. Also i think the most guitars going at the same time was 5...so yeah it took a while, but worth it.
Hi, I like pie.