ok, im trying to make my first song and i just put together a couple of riffs and stuff on guitar pro. Right now its rly random and i want your opinion on whether i could turn this thing into a song.
death to the middle east.zip
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sounds kind of middle eastern.
some harmonies would definitely make this less repetitive
WOAH nice ending!
i'd say with a little work this could definitely be a song.
Keep working at it!
Crit Mine?
I'm middle eastern, you racist.

Now that you've had a few seconds to feel like a jerk, I'm just kidding. Pretty good song. I like the middle eastern sound you got going.

The chord choice from 21-25 is not so great though. It clashes with the lead part.

I don't about the octave part. I like it, but at the same time the two rhythms just clash way too much.

Some harmony would make it sound better too.

You're off to a good start though. Keep working on it .
alright well ill try and fix this, i agree that it is very repetitive and ill change it up a bit and add some harmonies. When im finished with this one ill post it again and see what ya think.