Okay, I am a complete nood when it comes to wiring, and pretyt much to electronics, I've used a solder iron before, but that was 5+ years ago now, and it was only abit back then in school.

Anyways, I have ordered some stuff off of guitarfetish for my yamaha build (crunchy PAF for bridge and humbucked size p-90 for the neck)

But now i am wondering how I am going to wire these babies up, especially considering I dont have a clue how to read schematics etc, and never done it before.

I downloaded a sheet off of Seymour Duncan, 2 hums, 1 volume and 1 tone, which is pretty much all I want because its the easiest to do and the pickguard only has 2 holes for the pots (although that could easily be changed) So Iv got this sheet, and im sitting here thinking...crap, how the hell? What do I need?


I know I need two 500k pots, but the one here kinda makes it strictly saying its only for audio, but I didnt know audio and tone pots where different? if so how? what else would I need to wire these two hums up as well? (pots, caps, etc)
Audio taper is what that refers to. Linear taper is the other type.

Both will have the same resistance but affect volume or tone in different ways. I think linear is normally used for volume control and audio for tone.

Read This

EDIT: Sorry, here's the front page to that, I meant to include it. Lots of good wiring diagrams and goodies. Here
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Okay, so according to that site I could use the audio taper for both volume and tone.

So...If im thinking right, all I need to buy is two of them pots, .047 cap and some wire (got the soldering equipment)
Use audio taper for tone and volume.

All you will need is two 500k audio pots, a .047uF cap (preferably Sprague Orange Drop - Ceramics have crap tolerances and can sound harsh) and some wire indeed.
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