Im just getting into effects. What kind of effect processers or pedals are used to create ambient sounds similer to what the mars volta, muse and other bands use between songs. Example sounds like birds chirping, rain falling etc.
Im talking through the guitar not on a keyboard.

Im getting bored with phaser, flang, deley all of thouse basic effects
Your not going to get a pedal that simulates birds chirping, they dont exist.

get a cd player and get a cd with the **** on it, then play it betwen songs?
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Dan is right. You're not going to get those sounds out of a guitar.
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Thats either coming from the keyboard, or its being played from the soundboard (i did a show a few weeks back where the band i was mixing had me play an intro, they just feed it through the board).
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I don't think thats a pedal, hes probably running it through some synthy stuff. Maybe do the bellamy thing and get a kaoss pad and fix the controller to your guitar. You'd probably get something equally is wowing.
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Here's omars rig. Take your pick.
what is that pedal that can make the guitar sound like a violin and sax and ****? was that korg? it is like $600 US dollars
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^ yeah i have seen that before. I have a hard time beleving he uses all of thouse effects though haha
Im looking for just something really differnt, that will make people say wtf was that.

i was thinking about a kaoss pad, but would like to try it out first. The two music stores close to be dont have it in stock though
There are many ways you can emulate those things on guitar without any effects. Listen to "Night Bird Flying" by Jimi Hendrix, I'm not sure what he did (probably used a slide), but it sounded pretty close.

I would suggest getting a slide and messing around with that, I've been able to emulate many things with them.

EDIT: As far as effects go, you can get a DigiTech Whammy and a Boss DD-6 too. I'm sure they can help you get some rain forest sounds.
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Yup, you're over-complicating the issue...if you want ranforest sounds then just get a sample of rainforest sounds. Admittedly if you wanted to be really clever you could have it set up so you could trigger the sample from the guitar, but at the end of the day it's still just a recording of rainforest sounds.
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A lot of what Omar does is genius. He puts a lot of ambient noise in the right places, but it is pretty easy for me to see how he uses all of those effects.

Another reason, they used to (I would guess they still do) have a sound manipulator who would run the guitar and vocals and mess with it before hitting the PA.
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