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The things that i am not happy with are the vocals, my problem is that i don't dare to sing loud and with give my best (neighbours you know) and i have some major problems with gettin' the right flow in the chours, it's pretty hard since you can't hear his lyrics ( sound like weh the ba de chosen white when he sings and feels silly to try to sing like that instead of the lyrics)

oh yeah, there are two notes in the intro that shouldn't be there, it was some problem with the mixdown. And for the solo i used a whammy preset in the software so i coudn't control the expression pedal (it went up and down along with the BPM)

Just a few quick crits, I'll listen to the whole thing later.

But make sure you're in tune. It sounds a little off with the bass. And also, during the verse, play the riff palm muted.
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Great cover! The intro sounds exactly like the original, fantastic tone! Your playing technique is great too, no noise, everything you played was accurate.. Great job!

Check out my vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAzJ6202qYk
Post your ratings/comments on the YouTube site if you want, that would be appreciated

i guess you're right, i'm just a little bit paranoid, i guess it would take a whole lota lungs to make them hear. Maybe i'll give it one more try today.