Seymour Duncan in my opinion.
"Guitarmen, wake up and pluck wire for sound, let 'em hear you play"
-Charlie Christian
"You have to give people something to dream on"
-Jimi Hendrix
"I try to make any guitar do what I want it to do"
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Dave Grohl rotates guitars a lot, so no specific set of pickups could be assigned to his sound.

What kind of amp do you have? I ask because your amp would be a better bet if you wanna emulate his tone.
You can check out what kind of amp he has here:
They may or may not have his rig..

Read a little closer...he said BASS!
the foos bassist generally uses a stock p bass to my knowledge
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Mendel uses mostly Fender Precision Bass and Ampeg amplifiers but he used a Gibson Ripper bass in the "Best of You" video and sometimes uses Lakland Precision Bass copies while touring. In later years, Nate has also been seen using Ashdown bass amps.

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders maybe?
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