im going to try this again. i want to trade my jackson dxmg for something thats good for metal with NO floyd/trem.
its a nice guitar with a lot of versitality. 2 emg hzs in it, liscensed floyd, 24 jumbo frets, piranha-tooth inlays,

throw me some offers. aim is A7XTriViuMKSE092 feel free to IM me about questions






price around $325 would be good, trades much preferred
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Are you interested in just guitar gear? If not, I have a killer pc that I need to get rid of.

P180b Antec case w/4 varispeed fans
Antec tpII 550 watt psu
abit kn8 ultra mobo
amd fx 55 cpu
2 gig patriot ram w/heatspreaders
250gig sata harddrive
evga 7950gt 512mb video card
dvd/cd combo optical drive.

nothing is wrong with the above item, just dont game anymore, would like to see someone get some use of it. Pm or holler at me for pics...
WG587 7 string? Pics in my profile..
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