I'm getting rid of my old guitar gear and I want to sell my old amp to. It's a Grate GXT-100 (an 80W hybrid combo.) which I bout for 400€. The problem is that it's discontinued and not even listed on the Crate homepage. So my question is: Can I still count on getting enough money for it even though no one knows it? Or should I try to find somebody who'd buy it from me in my area or in a forum?

Also, does anybody have any suggestion about what to consider when writing the description of the amp? I mean how do you sell an amp that nobody knows?
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Well regardless your not going to get that good of an amount for it seeing as SS Crates seem to have a not so good resale value.
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Unfortunately it's a Crate, which is part of the cluster of worst amps ever made, I wouldn't count on getting much for it at all...
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