Hey guys I have a variety of Dunlop Tortex Picks for sale! Every Size(1.00-Blue, 0.88-Green, 0.60-Orange, 1.14-Purple, 0.50-Red, 0.73-Yellow)

They come in a 12 Pack.

I am charging 2 Dollars(USD) for the Picks in any Size/Color, and 2.75 For the Shipping.

Now I am going to break down for you why this is a good deal(cause there are a bunch of bad deals on this site)

My Price: $2.00 for the Picks(any size/color) and $2.75 for the Shipping. That Equals to $4.75(USD)
My Price- $4.75(USD)

Guitar Center Price(online): $3.99 For the Picks(Any Size/color) and $5.95 For Shipping. That Equals to $9.94.
Guitar Center Price- $9.94(USD)

Sam Ash Price(online): $2.99 for the picks(any size/color), and $5.95 For Shipping. That Equals to $8.94(USD)
Sam Ash Price- $8.94(USD)

So with an average of Sam Ash's Price and Guitar Center's Price then subtracting my price, I am $4.69(USD) cheaper than Sam Ash and Guitar Center.

I accept PayPal(preferred), money orders and certified checks.

Shipping only to the Lower 48 States(USA), unless you are willing to pay the extra shipping.

Thanks. Good Luck!
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haha. how many picks do you get eh?
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I get 3 of those for £1

Thats $2 to you

They Are Packs of 12. Which would mean with your math you would get 12 picks for 8$USD. :-P Im Selling them for 4.75.

Also, A lot of people dont have stores near them.
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Or if you dont buy them on the net... its 3.00. Thats 1.75 cheaper than you.

I buy them from a shop
So........Yeah. I got 12 tortex picks from GC for less than $5. Thats cool.

Why are you charging so much for shipping? I guarantee that you could ship a pack for less than $1.
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FRDesign, there are 12 picks in the pack.

SomniferousEyes(if i spelled it right lol)
It would cost me like 1.25 to ship it since its not flat. Then the extra dollar is just in case the package gets lost or something.(it happens a lot). then I wont lose as much. Please. If your not going to buy then stop being so inquisitive.
Put them in an Envelope, like how you would send a letter and I will buy em. Put a stamp on it and it will cost you like what at most $2.00 to ship to Canada.