im not sure if this would go in the pit, but i dont get any replies in other places.

okay, i just recently picked up a band. im not too bad at guitar, i have a good bassist and pretty good drummer, and (unfortunately) a singer. id rather sing myself, but im not very good at it. (are voice spray things worth it??) anyway, i was wondering if you could suggest songs for a varieties show we are having at our high school. i was thinking this song because it has drum tabs and everything in it, what do you all think of it??


sorry for my being a n00b, but everyone has to start somewhere. by the way, im playing an cheap ibanez RX-20, but i tihnk it has perfect sound for me, and ill be using my friends 125 watt amp. maybe my digitech hot rod distortion pedal if i want extra gain anywhere. theres about 200-400 people in the audience. please suggestions on songs, equip, etc??

thank you all so very much for the help in advance.
if you're not good at singing then let someone do it who can...I would like to sing AND play guitar too, but my voice just doesn't really fit even though I hit the notes...tough
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Link doesn't work.

Z-Edit: my band is planning on doing Tornado of Souls- Megadeth at our high school variety show.. not really a suggestion, but you could try?
Drum tabs shouldn't be needed in any song you cover, your drummer should be able to listen to the song and pick it up.
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let me find that link again for you, and yes, i could figure out drums tabs myself also, but why do that when someone else already did it for you? seriously. yes im lazy. and i do have a singer already, unfortunately im not talented enough, hopefully he is!


thats the song im thinking of doing

thank you all once again,