i wanna get a violin bow to play my guitar jimmy page (dazed and confused) style.. good or bad idea? can this do anything to my guitar and can the violin bow break if i rub it agains the strings? (not hit it like in the song remains the same)

Yes, the bow can and will break after a while..
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i tried it, it sounds like ****, try an e-bow methinks
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Page used a cello bow.
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I don't think switching to a cello bow will help you much as it's just a bigger version of the violin bow. Maybe your 'bowing' technique is a little off?
What exactly did you mean by "can't get it" pinkhaze?

And Splitz13 you're unlikely to break the guitar, but the bow will eventually break. And you should try bashing it against the strings like in tsrts, it's great fun