I saw that randall's are good for metal, and I pretty much only play metal so I have a few questions.

1. Do you reccomend this amp? I play pretty much all Killswitch Engage.

2. What effects are on the D series? I can't find it anywhere...And are the effects any good? I already have a digital delay, and a wah pedal, idk what else I would need.

3. Do you think I should buy a distortion pedal for playing KSE on this, or is the "Drive" channel good? Otherwise, should I buy a overdrive pedal to go over the drive?

4. Is it worth it buying this if its a SS? I can't find any good metal tubes, because if they are $400 without good distortion on it then I can't afford it.

Price range is $400 just incase you suggest another one...Its for practicing (loudly) in my room, Jamming with my friends in they're basement, and maybe (MAYBE) gigs later on, if this thing would hold up to it...which I think it would, i mean 75 watts is alot.

Thanks a bunch
I dont know much on the amp itself... but 75 watts solid state is enough to cut it for loud practicing, but it wont handle gigging over 400 screaming... I am pretty sure it wont anyway.
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I have the Randall RG75, but I've played both and they're pretty similar so I hope I can help at least a little bit

1. Yeah, I would recommend this amp to anyone, it has great distortion for playing metal, and a nice 'crisp' clean channel.

2. I dunno what else you'd want, but you WON't need a distortion pedal.

3. The drive channel is AWESOME! You can get nice deep distortion all the way to high pitched screaming distortion.

4. I personally prefer the distortion of ss amps, with a few exceptions of course

I have the RG75 too, and ive played the RX75. They're pretty much the same really. The digital effects on it aren't that great. Not really worth it in my opinion. It has things like delay, chorus, flanger etc.
It will be loud enough for practise, jamming and gigs; easily.
The drive channel is very bad though in my opinion, im a real tone seeker though. It's taken me ages to find the perfect tone. You'd be better off buying a distortion pedal such as the Boss MT-2 or the Digitech Black-13 and run it through the clean channel to get sweet metal sounds. The distortion in the amp is alright, i was harsh i will admit; but it wont cut the tone you'll want for killswitch, believe me.
On my Digitech GNX4 i have a Framus Cobra patch which sounds just like killswitch's stuff, so if you invested in one of those (they cost alot!) then you can get the perfect killswitch tone.

Good luck with it.
I don't agree with you HeretiC, i reckon the inbuilt distortion isn't that bad, it'll obviously never be as good as a dedicated distortion pedal, but for inbuilt distortion its pretty good.