its a gitano, I've seen tons of these on ebays and always wondered how they sounded

It looks very nice and like a quality build but you never know with these ebay guitars

I was also debating this guitar: http://cgi.ebay.com/OVAL-BACK-ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-CHERRYBURST-w-CASE_W0QQitemZ170147097807QQihZ007QQcategoryZ47064QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting

I just want something thats thin and at least a decent sound, I'd plug into an amp with lots of bass so it sounsd fuller anyways

budget of 160
ummm...i d8unno about the actual quality of the guitars, but im always a little weirded out (for the lack fo a better word) about the companies that seel on ebay. i dont really no why, but i just dont trust them as much compared to people who are genuinly trying to sell it.
Well for a start, do not get that oval backed guitar.

They are very difficult to get right and unless you try one and like it chances are you'll get a crap guitar. I like to play genuinly unplugged and they all sound horrific when they're not plugged in so I hate them anyway.

Also, how do you get a decent sound if you don't know how it sounds? Unless you live somewhere where there isn't a guitar shop for 60 miles you shouldn't really be looking on ebay. Obviously if you know what guitar you want and you want it cheap then yes ebay is good, but get to the guitar shop and find one you actually like.

They might look alright but I bet they sound bollocks!

Also pumping up the bass will sound awful

Go to the shop and try them mate, best advice I can give.

You won't get a brilliant guitar for $160 but you'll do better than that.
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