i am looking to buy a new 112 tube amp

im trying to get a paul gilbert tone as well as a more saturated heavy sound

can any one point me in the rite direction?

thank u
Crate has some good tube amps like that. i think the 112's only go up to 30w or so. Peavey Valvekings and Classics are good as well.
Laney VC50 is the Laney combo paul uses.You'll have to find a used one though.
Do you have a price range?

Mesa's F-50 or DC.22 would probably be cheaper used than a new laney in the states (about $550-$700)

But for Paul's tone, you probably would be best off with a Laney

If you're budget is really tight, I'd recommend a Roland cube, used Line 6 Flextone, B-52 AT112, or used Peavey XXX
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