I've been thinking about getting an Ibanez S620EXQM http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-S620EXQM-Electric-Guitar?sku=512501

And then in a few months changing the pickups to some Dimarzio's to better suit my style, which is pretty much Progressive Rock/Metal, Metal, and Thrash. The reason I think I should go with this guitar rather than the S520EX is because I just like the look better and am willing to spend the extra for it and still change the pickups later on.

But main question is this: Is a Prestige worth it? What quality are the Ibanez/Dimarzios that come with an 850'ish dollar Prestige? And how much worse is the tremolo system on a Prestige? Also what's the difference in tone between the solid mahogany body of the S series guitars versus the basswood of the Prestige?

One of my main reasons for wanting the S620EXQM is because of the ZR tremolo which is, in my opinion, leagues better than any other tremolo system I've touched.
i think the difference between a prestige and a regular Ibanez is that the Prestiges might be American-made. idk for sure tho.
Well an S prestige has the same trem, a ZR, and the pickups aren't that much better, the only difference is the figured top (and the price, $1300, ouch), so it's not worth it.
An RG prestige is another matter. They're very good guitars for the price.

If I were you, and since you're going to change the pickups anyway, I get this S:

PinkEdit: To qotsa1998, all the best Ibanez guitars are made in Japan, including the prestiges.
buying for looks is probably the worst thing you could do .. especially if you plan on racking up that much money . However, if you're into " metal / thrash " I banez would definitely suit that . I'd say its worth it .
Well the thing is I'll only actually be paying 200 dollars of my own money to buy the S620EXQM, because it is a gift for my birthday from someone I know

They're willing to put out almost 700 dollars for a guitar and I can pay off the measly 200 or even less extra for it. And before anyone says to get something even more expensive: No...I'm not getting something worth more than 850.

So that's why I like the s620EXQM, now anyone else have comments aside from how it shouldn't be bought for looks?