Can someone go over the step-by-step process in creating an entire song? Thanks!
there is no step by step process.
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there isnt rly a set process. But writing, u could either write lyrics to music or music to lyrics.

Recording is different. Most ppl do a demo, a rough recording of everyone playing the song together. then they go into a studio and record each part seperately, Drums first most of the time. then the bass, the guitars, the vocals are normally last. Honestly tho, everyone does it in a different way.
just play sometihng and if you like it use it and make a song i mean you could make song useing the same the riff repeatidly if you really wanted to
All of you should go read the S+L forum rules. This isn't the place to ask this. There's a Techniques sub-forum near the top of the page. Look around in there and you should find something to help.