i want to get some floor standing speakers (pair) for my room

i have about a budget of £500 so just over $1000

now i don't know much about them so i was wondering if anyone that did could give me advice of what/what not to go for
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I;d try getting a copy of What Hi Fi magazine, the retailers tend to just sell you whatever they've got lots of. Celestion make good ones.
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I disagree^ WhatHifi and the like have plenty of incentives to give good reviews etc.

I'd recommend you take your money down to some HiFi shops and listen to everything in your price range. (That includes stand mounts [you may be surprised])
Hifi speakers generally have a colored sound, so only your ears can tell you what you will like.
Richer Sounds, theres yer answer right there, they have a website, google it. I can heartily recommend anything by Mission, as they're british, all I ever use for hi-fi
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