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simple question really. Why did you learn how to play guitar or why did you want to learn? Was it cuz you thought it was cool or cuz your really into music and it gives you that feeling that you just dont want to do anything else except play? or was it to impress a girl. Just tell about it.

My dad plays guitar, so I guess I picked it up from him. Plus my best friend at the time played drums so I thought it would be cool to jam with him.
Basically, my mum and dad gave me(and my brother and sister) some cash when they paid off the mortgage, and I thought "why not get a guitar?".
So I did.
When I first heard the Eagles I was like, "man I wanna do that". My friend played at the time and taught me the basics. It evolved from there.
My dad had been playing for 30 years self taught, and I really wanted to be able to play as well.

After 2 years, I'm already outplaying him

Plus, I wanted to take my obsession with music to a new level.
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I love music, I originally wanted to play bass but I got a guitar for Christmas so I ended up playing that.
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I wanted to learn how to get that heavy, chunky sound like Korn. I'm not kidding.
Was in a band as a singer, wanted to be in more bands, wanted to be more musical, was going to take up bass but was more expensive, so took up guitar.
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To get laid, ofc.
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in grade 8 there was this kid in my class who was cool and into the whole classic rock thing and all the girls liked him. and he started to bring his guitar in at lunchtime and play smoke on the water.... yeah, really badly too. and i wanted to be like him and be cool so i tried to learn how to play. and then it became more about the music than being popular, but thats what started me....

i still dont get all teh girls...
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Guitar leads to band. Band leads to fame. Fame leads to money. Money leads to depression. Depression leads to sex and drugs. Sex leads to AIDS while drugs lead to overdosing, so both lead to death. So I guess I started playing guitar so I can die.

Nah, I always liked the guitar, and I was amazed by the limitless possibilities you have on a guitar.
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When i bought "appetite for destruction" by G'n'R i just wanted to be able to play like that at any cost, and now i can, other bands continue to amaze and make we want to play their songs, like Muse...
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My cousin started playing about 2 months before me. He said I'd never be better than him.

He quit after about 6 months. I kept going.

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Summer camp.. after seeing everyone playing songs around the campfire I wanted to do it too.
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my friend gave me a free Fender and an amp so i thought why not...then i started to get into and i really liked how you can play for an hour and it seems like 10 its fun once you can actually play some stuff
there was this guy whop played music and everybody liked him, and my mom played and i really liked guitar music, so yea.
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I had always wanted to play guitar ever since i heard 3 doors down when i was kinda little, i thought guitar players were the coolest thing. then 2 years ago me and my friends decided to make a band even though none of us played anything, and so i asked my parents if i could get an electric guitar and take lessons.
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This idiot at school started a band, and I wanted to be better then him. So I took up guitar, but then I found out that I really really enjoyed music. So it went from wanted to be better or cooler then someone else to being a real passion that I enjoy
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i was never really into music as a kid, i pretty much just listened to whatever manufactured 'hits' the radio played. then one day i say SOAD's 'toxicity' video on tv an thought it was just the coolest, heaviest thing in the world

...and that was the day i decided to learn guitar.
for the music!

and for the girls... being in a band usually gets their attention when i tell them
I live in this sh*t town filled with ghetto kids and I wanted to be original and take up guitar. Love it to death now.
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I learned to play guitar because my dad played drums in a classic rock band for years. Then one day my friend Jim played me Led Zeppelin IV and I thought I want to play guitar
A good friend of mine played the guitar while we were at this camping trip, and I just thought: wow I want to do that. Then later we wehere going to start a band, the band never happened but I still started playing guitar, and just kept going. Now we're going to start up again with a new drummer ^^
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i felt like i looked like a loser while playing air guitar without knowing wth i was doing

so i started playing guitar so i know what im doing next time im at a concert headbanging nd airguitaring :P

i also just really really enjoy music, so i took up guitar as a hobby, now its my only hobby ^^
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Well I was kinda sick of playing classical stuff on the piano all the time and wanted to be able to play the kinda stuff I listened to...I chose guitar because I liked guitar hero xD
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I got the deposit back on a flat, so went out that morning and bought the Worst Acoustic Guitar Ever Made.

20 bucks says my acoustic is worse...speaking of 20 bucks...thats how much it cost :O
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I loved listening to music, so I thought that playing it would be just as fun, if not more fun. And I was right.
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