Try to answer this... If you think you get it post your answer.

Elinor bought 13 tropical fish for 16$. She paid 4$ each for some angel fish, .50 centsfor some zebras and .25 cents for some neon tetras. How many of each kind did she buy.

It tough butif you think u got it post the answer
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Where the hell is she gettings Zebras so cheap?!

I needs to find me this shop...

haha i thought the same thing. i want a zebra for 50 cents
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I'm more stoked on the Neon Tetras for a quarter.
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Zebra Fish...

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i would just buy 32 zebras with 16 bucks. that would do it for me.

edit- i just saw the picture, and those fish are still pretty badass
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Zebra Fish...

What. On. Earth? Those things are proper badman, haha!
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3 angles, 6 zebras and 4 neon tetras!

Edit: I think that's right.

QFT I do believe.
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Yes it is!
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It's not a brain teaser, make a system of equations.

There's probably more than one solution though
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It's not a brain teaser, make a system of equations.

There's probably more than one solution though

no there's only one solution because there's only one possible number of angel fish: 3 ($12).

and the only way to get $4 from the tetras and zebras is to have 6 tetras ($3) and 4 zebras ($1).

it's possible to complete the equation with only 2 angel fish, but that would result in having and 17 zebras and -6 tetras. which would mean that they would have to return 6 tetras in order to buy 19 other fish, so it kinda strays from the problem.
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