im learning to play Rebirth Of The Temple by Silent Civilian, and its going good. But i had a question about the harmonics in the song. Its like amazingly high squeels from a A string 8th fret, i just cant get the dam squeel out of it.

It could be my equipment, im playing a QTX stratocaster (its one of those crappy starterpack guitars) through a Roland BC30 Bluescube and a Digitech Grunge, i also have a Digitech multieffect pedal, but im still trying to get a distortion out of it.

Any help would be apreciated.

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can u explain what u mean by that, im not really good with the guitartalk :P
Ibanez SR605
Some 71' P-Bass
Orange Bass Terror 500 > Markbass 4x10
It's probably the guitar. Crappy woods give you crappy harmonics. I have a KRamer 610, and it's a 10 ply laminated maple body. It's pretty hard to get good harmonics out of it, be it pinching or with the whammy bar. The natural harmonics are okay, but they're just not as sweet as the ones on a better guitar made from fewer pieces of wood. Consider upgrading your axe.

Also, as the guy above me said, try pinching closer to the bridge. You can also fret the note, then find the middle of the string from the fretted note to the bridge. Then find the centerpoint between those two places, and go a little to either side of that to find the harmonic. It's all about physics .

EDIT: The bridge is the thing you rest your hand on to palm mute, and it's what the strings go over/through before going over the neck.
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ah k, thx for the help, ive got a nice high one now, but still not as high

and yeh im saving up for a better guitar, going for an ESP LTD KH-203 (if it sux please let me know :P)
Ibanez SR605
Some 71' P-Bass
Orange Bass Terror 500 > Markbass 4x10
Try pinching over different pick-ups, that effects pitch.
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pinch harmonics have nothing to do with your gear its all a technique..
the low E,A,and D strings are harder to produce the pinch harmonics
just keep practicing...
again its a technique not a gear issue
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