Okey, I played a little today and when playing the 10th fret on the third string from the top (dont know the names..) there was like some strange sound, or more like nearly no sound at all O.o All other frets and strings work, but this one's strange..
It could be a dead spot on your guitar.
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might it be an accidentally played harmonic?
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Originally said by deadhand329
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Ya, kinda. That dead spot thingy sounds right tbh O.o Is there something I can do about it?

Edit: I'm playing electric ofc, that's why the topic is in this forum O.O
Could be a dead spot (caused by the wood not resonating or the truss rod not being machined correctly.) Might be a high spot on a fret. Take it to a tech. Could just need a truss rod adjustment or a little fret planing.
Is there some special reason why this happens? As far as I know I've taken care of the guitar pretty well o.o