Verse 1:Im going numb
and you cant even see

but im dieing to show
wanting to show you

I want to open you eyes
and show you the world

I want you to see it
see it so clearly

I want you to know
how much i cant stand it

wanting to see you
wanting to feel you
(i also thought about using know instead of feel)

chorus: You cant find away, out of my mind
I can't do a thing but dream about you all night

verse 2:

I tried to sleep
but I cant close my eyes

Cause I know i need her
I know that i need her

I Tried to keep you
off of my mind

but i know that i need you
i know that i need you

its not that good in my opinion, i came up with it at 3 in the morning, and just sort of typed it out on the top of my head, so should i continue off of this idea, or no?
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I think you should continue with it, because you're expressing yourself and it shows....but I'm just confused about the flow of it?
Its very hard to explain how this flows, it does though.

like is sing the first two line then the next to are sort of like a mini chorus to the two lines before it, idk, thats horrible explanation, you most likely have no clue what im talking about by this point. haha.