Please elaborate on muting when sweep picking.
How is it done?
How do you mute it with your left hand?
With your left hand you rest your first finger along all the strings you want to mute. You can fret a note with it and mute with it at the same time. You cannot mute the strings below the string you're starting on (well, actually, you can use the very tip of the finger to mute the string directly below it).
I hope you understand, it'd be easier to show you.
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Hey Mike !

Nice to meet another of Tom's students here ! I'm in the new MCMP session and I did correspondance lessons in the past ( starting again next week )...

Arkhimedes, my advice is to follow Mike's advice... He's a monster sweeper and know what he's talking about!
Name's Chris Martins

I'm totally thrilled to be on the MCMP ride...

Cheers mate !